Testing the Boundaries | Athena’s Week 2 in Foster Care

Normally, a dog in foster care would test the boundaries in Week 3 as he/she has gotten pretty adjusted to the foster family. However, with Athena, she started testing boundaries in week 2! She is definitely more confident now in Week 2. She was now confident enough to get up on her hind legs to try to get to my food on our kitchen counter!

We took Athena to her first vet appointment to update her vaccines and get a health checkup. It turns out Athena has gingivitis, so we scheduled for a deep cleaning of her teeth for the end of week 2. Her general health checkup also shows that she’s on the lower normal range of iron and calcium; This basically just means that she needs to take supplements that contain iron and calcium. Other than these, she’s overall a healthy dog!

We also took Athena to the groomer this week. At first it was a bit hard to get her to walk into the grooming area, but the groomer said that as soon as I left, it was much easier to get her to walk into the grooming area. The groomer loves her and said that Athena is such a good girl. Before she was groomed, we had never let her get on the couch. Now that she’s groomed, she’s allowed on the couch!

We also made an appointment for her spay surgery for next week- stay tuned for how she’s doing next week!

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