Why Adopt?

Cats and dogs who’ve been abandoned, neglected, and abused deserve a second chance at life. Animals who are rescued tend to have deeper bonds with their guardians and can recognize those who’ve saved them. They appreciate that we give them a loving place to call home and will always show you that they’re grateful. By adopting a rescue animal, you’re both saving their life and reducing the number of animals that are being euthanized each day. You’re also helping to stop the cruelty of mass breeding facilities. All animals of all ages need help finding forever homes, and you can make an impact by fostering or adopting one of the animals in our care.

We spay/neuter the dogs first, as well as get their vaccinations updated before we placed them at an adopter’s home.

Our Adoption Process

Our mission is to re-home dogs to their loving forever homes. In order to do that, we will match the dogs to the right homes. If you would like to adopt a dog that you are not already fostering, please see our requirements below:

  • You are required to complete our Adoption Application. If we feel you may be a match to the dog (or any other dog currently in our foster care), we will set up an interview with you. The dog’s foster parent(s) may also interview you if they choose to.
  • If after the interview we approve you to be a potential adopter for the dog, we require a 30-day adoption trial in which you live and take care of the dog. The purpose is to ensure that you and your home environment is the right fit for the dog. During the 30-day trial period, we will not promote the dog for adoption and will not interview other potential adopters.
  • At the signing of the Trial Agreement, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit, which is 50% of the adoption fee. If after the 30-day trial period you decide to adopt the dog, this deposit will count toward the adoption fee. If the after the 30-day trial period you decide not to the adopt the dog or you are unsure, the deposit is non-refundable. Your deposit will serve as compensation for the 30-day period that we could have interviewed other potential adopters who could have been a better match for the dog.
  • If after the 30-day trial period you decide to adopt the dog, we will have a conversation with you regarding how you plan on moving forward with training the dog, etc. You will also be required to sign our Adoption Agreement and return to us (or purchase from us) the travel crate, at-home crate or any baby gates or x-pen that we provided you for the dog. The return/purchase will help us with our next dog that may need it. After you have signed the Adoption Agreement, the ownership of the dog transfers to you.

What happens during the 30-day trial period:

Legal ownership of the dog remains with BARK Rescue CA, however you take care of the dog the way you would have if you had adopted the dog, including paying for its medical and food expenses. To prevent stomach issues, you must provide the dog the same food that his foster has been feeding him or if you want to switch to a different food, make sure to do this gradually. If the dog has any vet appointment during the 30-day trial period, you are required to drop him/her off at the vet and pick him/her up from the vet.

Adoptable Dogs:

Only dogs that are on our Available Dogs list are available for adoption. Most of our dogs were rescued from a kill shelter’s euthanasia list. Only dogs that have had at least 1 month to decompress in foster care and have been spayed/neutered are available for adoption.

Adoption Fees

Why Do We Charge an Adoption Fee?

To cover all necessary medical cost of the dog, including the spay/neuter cost, pain medication costs, vaccinations, and any other medical costs that we spend to take care of the dogs we currently have. At our partner veterinarians, the spay/neuter fee alone ranges from $350 to $500 per dog depending on the dog’s age and weight. If you were to spay/neuter the dog at your own veterinarian, it would generally cost between $600 to $1000 per dog.

We also cover some of the supplies for the dogs we have rescued. This usually includes initial toys and treats, collar, leash, BARK Rescue ID Tag, and travel crate or wire in-home crate. The total cost of these supplies can range from $100 to $500 per dog.

We are a non-profit organization, meaning that 100% of the money we receive from adoption fees or donations go toward the care of the dogs that are currently in our foster care. We do not make any money in excess of those costs. Without adoption fees and donations, we will run out of money and will no longer be able to exist to save dogs.

Please note that the below cost does not include transaction fees that Paypal or credit card companies charge. The transaction fee charged by Paypal or credit card companies is about 3% of the below adoption fees.

Puppy (under 1-year-old)$450+
Young Adult/Adult (1-year-old – 9 years old)$350+
Senior (10+ years old)$250+
Special Needs$250+

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out our Adoption Application below. If we feel you may be a good fit for the dog (or any other dog in our care), we will contact you to schedule a zoom call that will include a virtual home check. If you have not heard back from our Adoption Coordinator after 72 hours, please email to follow up.