Thank you for offering your time to help BARK Rescue CA fulfill our mission in saving abandoned pets and finding them forever homes. When you volunteer with us, we do our best to ensure that your volunteering experience will be mutually beneficial. The following videos will help you get to know BARK Rescue CA as an organization and the cause that we support.

The Problem BARK Rescue CA is Helping to Resolve

Our 2022 Impact

BARK Rescue CA was founded on August 17, 2021. We started to actively rescue abandoned dogs since March 2022. Between March 2022 and December 31, 2022 we saved almost 30 dogs, mostly from euthanasia at stressful overcrowded shelters. Learn more about the impact that we made on these dogs in the video below. 

Why You Should Volunteer With Us

Increase your physical and emotional well-being

Research has shown that doing good increases the happy hormones in your body. You’ll gain a sense of self-fulfillment as you’ll be helping us save abandoned (and sometimes abused) animals and find them families who can provide them the love and care that they very much deserve.

Research also shows that when your level of happiness or good mood increases, your physical health also increases. 

Build a Community

Our volunteer group contains a diverse group of individuals. Our volunteers range from high school students to working professionals, working in various different fields. Our volunteers are also located across the United States, from the West Coast to the East Coast. Our diverse volunteers are all connected by our passion and love for helping animals. 

By volunteering with us, you will get to network with such a diverse group of like-minded people. 

Develop New Knowledge/Skills or Further Develop Your Current Skills 

When you participate in our skills-based volunteering opportunities, which we will elaborate below, you will get the opportunity to either further develop your current skills or learn new skills or knowledge. 

Some of the common skills you can develop by volunteering with us could include leadership skills, cross-functional collaboration skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. Depending on your skills-based volunteer role, you can also develop technical skills such as web design, social media content creation, copywriting, analytical skills, accounting/finance, project/program/process management, event coordination/planning, etc. 

At BARK Rescue CA, we offer both traditional and skills-based volunteering opportunities. 

Traditional Volunteering Opportunities at BARK Rescue CA:

  • Transporting animals to and from the shelter (to our foster homes), vet appointments, adoption events, etc.
  • Transporting donations from donor’s location to BARK Founder’s home
  • Manning our adoption events (i.e. engage passerby, hand out flyers, answer questions, promote our adoptable dogs, promote our foster program, etc)
  • Take our dogs out for a walk during our adoption events or if we have a dog that is currently living in a boarding facility. 
  • When needed, visit some of our dogs and their fosters and do a photo session of the dog so that we have some new photos/videos of the dogs

Skills-Based Volunteering Opportunities at BARK Rescue CA:

Skills-Based Volunteering Opportunities are volunteering opportunities that require specific skills. Below are some examples of the skills-based volunteering opportunities that are offered at BARK Rescue CA:

  • Social media content creation/management
  • Event planning and coordination
  • Website Design/Updating/Copywriting
  • Volunteer Management/Recruiting
  • Foster/Adoption Coordination
  • Accounting/Finance

Our Values

Everything we do at BARK Rescue CA affects the animals that we save. Although our #1 priority is the animals, we also value the relationships among our volunteers. Therefore, to instill as much harmony as possible among our volunteers and to ensure all of our volunteers give their best to the work they do at BARK, we expect everyone at BARK Rescue CA to embrace a certain set of values. 

Passion & Reliability

Passion without reliability is just dreams but no action. Reliability without passion has no direction. At BARK Rescue CA, we need volunteers who not only have passion in helping animals but are also reliable and get the work done in a timely manner. 

Communication & Collaboration

Collaboration helps us work better together and in turn helps us save more pets. Communication is essential in order to have collaboration.Communication to us means we keep updated those who need to be in the loop. We understand that sometimes your life outside of BARK Rescue get busy. Communication also allows a team member to help you by picking up where you left off. 


We do our best to ensure that no one feels left out. We listen to each other’s opinions/inputs. We also do not discriminate against any specific breed of dogs as we believe every breed of dog deserves a loving home. 

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, fill out our Volunteer Application Form below! If you’re interested in ONLY helping with transport, please fill out our Transporter Application Form below.