Don’t judge a book by its cover! Athena is a female 1-year-old American Staffordshire/Rottweiler Mix that was taken into a kill shelter in Modesto, CA as a stray in mid December 2021. She had been at that shelter for 3 months when we saw her at her kennel when they were at the shelter to meet a couple other dogs. While other dogs in her kennel area were barking and jumping in their kennels when, Athena was at a kennel in the corner, calm and quiet. Despite the corner location of her kennel, her calm and quiet demeanor caught our attention. The shelter had brought back their weekly euthanasia list the week before and as Athena was red-listed, she was only a couple of weeks away from being on the shelter’s weekly euthanasia list. We knew we HAD to pull her out of the shelter and save her life.

Why was Athena on the shelter’s red list (i.e. amongst the highest to euthanize)? Simply due to her length of stay at the shelter as no one had been interested in taking her home, despite her calm and quiet demeanor and her good behavior. Read about Athena’s journey in foster care in the blog posts below!

  • Athena’s Month 1 in Foster Care