Our Teams

Our Teams

Our volunteers are assigned to one or more of the following teams based on their skills and interests:

Foster & Adoption Team

Our Foster and Adoption programs make up our core activities at BARK Rescue CA. After rescuing a dog from the stressful shelter environment, we place them in foster homes that we have vetted while we learn more about them, through the foster parents, in order to find them a loving forever home that will be a good fit for the dog’s personality and temperament. 

Our Adoption Team is responsible for advertising our adoptable dogs, vetting people who apply to adopt any of our dogs, and coordinating the adoption process. 

Our Foster & Adoption Team also maintains a relationship with our veterinarian partners and includes transport volunteers. 

Volunteer activities within this team (one volunteer can do only one or multiple of these activities):

  • Virtually interview foster and adoption applicants & perform virtual home checks.
  • Coordinate transportation of the animal from the shelter to the foster home, from foster home to adopter’s home.
  • Transport Animals
  • Send Foster and Adoption Agreements to newly-approved fosters and adopters, respectively
  • Update our internal foster and adoption records
  • Check in with fosters on a weekly basis, ensuring fosters send updated photos/videos of the foster dog.
  • Send Foster Welcome Package to newly-approved fosters
  • Maintain BARK dogs’ medical records
  • Schedule vet appointments
  • Coordinate meet & greets with potential adopters
  • Send Adoption Welcome Package to approved adopters

Fundraising Team

BARK Rescue CA is funded 100% by donations. Like any non-profit organization, funding is one of the areas that are most challenging to us. Our fundraising team plans, coordinates and evaluates our fundraising events/efforts. 

Volunteer activities within this team (one volunteer can do only one or multiple of these activities):

  • Research Fundraising opportunities
  • Plan, organize & coordinate fundraising activities
  • Collaborate with the Media, Communication & Brand team to promote fundraising activities
  • Research grants
  • Write grants
  • Engages donors
  • Solicits companies for donations

Media, Communication & Branding Team

This team is responsible for our social media posts and our branding. Social media plays an essential role in our organization as it provides visibility to our dogs and is our #1 fundraising channel thus far. This team also works with our Website team to send out communication about organization-wide updates (i.e. e-newsletters) to volunteers, fosters, donors, and other supporters. 

Volunteer activities within this team (one volunteer can do only one or multiple of these activities): 

  • Create social media content calendar & delegate posts to social media content creators
  • Create content for our various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube)
  • Review created content & schedule posts
  • Engage social media followers & Instagram networkers 
  • Analyzes social media analytics & build recommendations for social media strategy based on that analysis. 
  • Designs flyers & brochures

Volunteer Recruiting & Engagement Team

This team recruits and onboards new volunteers, as well as figures out how to engage existing volunteers.

Volunteer activities within this team (one volunteer can do only one or multiple of these activities):

  • Ensure volunteer applicants have reviewed our this page and the videos on this page and have filled out our Volunteer Application. 
  • Interview volunteer applicants to learn more about them to see which team(s) would be a good fit for them. We believe that volunteers are more likely to be motivated and engaged if they take part mostly in projects or tasks that they are interested in or are good at. For this reason, it is important for us to get to know our volunteers. 
  • Ensure volunteer applicants sign and submit Volunteer Agreements. If they’re underage, their parents must sign the Agreement. 
  • Helps volunteer applicant set up and use Slack
  • Plan social events for volunteers
  • Plan all-hands virtual events
  • Create and send out volunteer surveys
  • Update Volunteer listing

Website Team

The website team is responsible for everything to do with our website. 

  • Update the pages on our website
  • Analyze website traffic
  • Analyze our website SEO

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form (linked in the button below). Our Volunteer Recruiting Team will reach out to you to schedule an interview. If you’re interested in transporting for us, fill out our Transport Application Form.