Re-Homing Your Pet

We understand that due to unexpected life changes or unforeseen circumstances, it’s sometimes necessary to surrender a pet. Having to make the final choice of re-homing your fur friend can be extremely difficult…for you and for the pet. Re-homing will confuse the pet and can affect their mental state. Additionally, shelters and rescues are at over-capacity due to the millions of pets being abandoned or surrendered. We ask that before you decide to re-home your pet, please consider the following alternative options first.

Alternative Options

  • Hire a dog walker with apps like Rover
  • Doggy daycares
  • Behavioral and obedience training
  • Financial assistance for pet care


If none of the above options is feasible for you, below is our process for pet surrender. Before we accept a pet into our rescue, we need to do an evaluation of the pet away from your home and we are a small organization that is 100% run by volunteers who have full-time jobs, so we have limited time and resources and cannot accommodate emergency re-homing.

We are 100% foster-based, meaning we do not have a facility where the pet can stay at, so if we decide to accept your pet into our organization, until we find a foster for him/her, we need you to keep the pet. This is another reason that we cannot accommodate emergency re-homing.

We do not do immediate adoption of the dog – every dog that we take under our rescue has to go through our foster program so we can get to know the dog on a day-to-day basis in an environment that is new to him/her before we adopt him out.

We are based in San Francisco Bay Area so can only accommodate pet surrenders in this area.

If you are ok with the above, please follow our Pet Surrender Process below.

Our Pet Surrender Process

1. Fill out the Pet Re-Homing Application form below & send any photos or videos of the pet to

2. Depending on the availability of an appropriate volunteer, we will schedule a meet & greet with you and your pet away from your home to evaluate your pet’s behavior in an environment that he/she is not familiar with.

3. If we decide to accept your pet into our organization, we will start looking for a foster to take him/her in. Until we find one, we need you to keep your pet with you.

4. Once we have found a foster for your pet, you will be required to sign a Pet Owner Release Form within 3 business days. On the release form, you will be required to submit a copy of your driver’s license/state ID, your pet’s vaccination records and other medical records, and your pet’s microchip number and provider. This release form releases the legal ownership of the pet from you to BARK Rescue CA.

If the Pet Owner Release Form is not signed within 3 business days, we will assume you are no longer interested in re-homing your pet.

Along with the release form, please also give us your availability within the week for us to pick up the dog and anything that the dog needs that you do not already have.

5. We will pick up the pet as per agreed-upon date and time.

Before we agree to look for a foster home for your dog, we will need to evaluate the dog at a location away from your property. We ask that until your dog is placed with one of our fosters, the dog remains in your care.

If you have any questions, please email