Long-Term Fostering

Fostering a BARK Dog with the expectation of fostering it until it gets adopted. The fostering period can vary from 1 month to several months, depending on the adoption demand for the dog.

If you fall so much in love with the dog that you want to adopt him/her, you can do so. If you have been fostering with us for less than 30 days, we will transfer you to our Foster-to-Adopt program (see the our ADOPT page)

If you have been fostering with us for at least 30 days and want to adopt your foster dog, all you’ll have to do is pay the adoption fee and sign the Adoption Agreement. In this case, until you sign the Adoption Agreement, we will continue to promote the dog for adoption and interview other potential adopters for the dog.

Our Long-Term Fostering is different from our Foster-to-Adopt program.

Vacation Fostering

Fostering a BARK dog only when its long-term foster is out of town. This can range from a weekend to a couple of weeks. Our expectation is that vacation fosters commit to fostering the dog for the full duration of the long-term foster’s out-of-town period. We expect vacation fosters to follow BARK Rescue’s guidance to keep the BARK dog, and any other pets in the foster’s home, safe

We are a small organization that is 100% run by volunteers who have full-time jobs. Our Foster-Rescue relationship is a collaboration/partnership. We try to provide as much assistance as we reasonably can, but we expect our fosters to work with us too to foster a give & take relationship.


  1. Fill out our Foster Application
  2. Virtual Interview & Virtual home check
  3. Sign our Foster Agreement- must be done BEFORE we place the dog with you.

**Meet and greet is only available for vacation fosters**