Freya & Her Puppies (The Mythological Puppies)- PUPPY FOSTERS NEEDED!

We rescued Freya, and her kennelmate Scarlett, from Stanislaus Shelter back in August 2022. Despite our due diligence that we had done (i.e. asking about any medical issues, behavioral issues, etc) when we committed to rescuing them, it still came to our surprise that Freya was in late stage of pregnancy and that both dogs were flea-infested and worm-infested. Due to the non-disclosure of the pregnancy by the shelter, we did not have the right foster for Freya. Within a few days, with the help of one of our networkers who is also a BARK volunteer, we found a foster who seemed like a great fit as they had experience with pregnant dog moms, birthing dog moms, and newborn puppies. They helped Freya birth her 7 puppies (6 living) and continued to foster them for 4 more weeks before the foster conducted an unauthorized adoption of one of the puppies. As such, we had to part ways with the foster and overnight, my husband and I (Lusiana) got Freya and her 6 living puppies in my house, in addition to our own dog and Scarlett. Overnight, we had to learn how to wean such young puppies and how to set them up in our house.

Now, two weeks later, the puppies are strong and healthy 6-week-old puppies. As we will be spaying/neutering them until they’re 16 weeks old, we are looking for volunteers to foster them starting in the week of 10/23 when they turn 8 weeks old. We are also accepting adoption applications, but as we need to spay/neuter them at 16 weeks old, we are requiring all adopters to foster the puppy first from age 8 weeks to 16 weeks old until the puppy has been spayed/neutered (so essentially this is a foster-to-adopt situation).

Four of the 6 puppies are still available for fostering or foster-to-adopt. Their photos/videos and names are below. If you’d like to foster-only or foster-to-adopt any of of the puppies, please fill out our Foster Application and go through our vetting process.