Aries’s Story

Aries came from Bakersfield area where his original owner (suspected of backyard breeding) used to throw him and his 5 littermates across the room in his house to “toughen them up” (because they are part Pitbull) up until they were 4 weeks old. A Good Samaritan saw this and convinced him to give her the puppies and the Pittie Mom (since puppies that young still need their mom and their littermates for food and social skills). The Good Samaritan took good care of all the puppies until they were 11 weeks old when she was no longer able to take care of them financially and physically. This was when she contacted us to see if we could take in the puppies.

As we could find only 2 fosters to take in 2 of the 6 puppies in the litter, I contacted a rescue in Oregon that came recommended to me and that I had worked with before. This Oregon rescue was willing to take in the remaining 4 of the litter!

Puppies are cute…but they’re also a lot of work. From potty-training, social skills, to separation anxiety training, they require perseverance. After going through 2 fosters who could not commit to either taking care of him or to training him, he ended up in a boarding facility where he was not cleaned at all! When we did a meet & greet with his now-adopter at the boarding facility, Aries reeked of pee because the staff at the facility had not cleaned him at all. Thankfully, this did not faze the adopter who immediately fell in love with him!