Venus is an energetic and super friendly 1-year-6-month-old white Siberian husky we had saved from being euthanized on April 22, 2022. Why was she on the euthanasia list? Simply because the shelter was at over-capacity; Venus had been in that shelter since January 2022. Despite the stressful shelter environment, Venus remained a happy, friendly, and super playful young dog! She was definitely a favorite among the volunteers at the shelter.

She is a playful and silly girl that sees everyone and every dog she meets as her new best friend. She livens up every room she runs into and she is the perfect companion all around. She is currently in a foster home with a foster mom who adores her wholeheartedly.

Keep checking our Available Animals page to see when she will be available for adoption. In the meanwhile, read about her foster care journey in the blog posts below! We plan on having her spayed in a couple of weeks, and would greatly appreciate your support. If you’re interested in sponsoring her for her surgery and care, please click the button below!