Ramona Kraeutler

Ramona Kraeutler was born and raised in Germany before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 23 in order to pursue her educational career as a psychologist. Other than volunteering at BARK Rescue CA, she currently also works part time at Trauma Speaks, a non-profit organization in the mental health space, as an Operations Director. She has always raised  a cat or a dog since she was 8 years old. She also has fostered 9 kittens from her friend who worked with an LA-based non-profit kill shelter. She fostered those kittens for 8 months before adopting 2 of them and helping to find loving forever homes for the remaining 7 kittens. Last year she also volunteered at a shelter in Germany as a dog walker for 3 months. 

She received her B.A at CSULA before entering the master’s program at CSUDH. Next to her academic achievements, she enjoyed working in multiple research laboratories for neuropsychology and trauma while working as a substance use counselor in Los Angeles and later, in Texas. Currently, she is residing in Germany again due to COVID but is looking forward to her return to the US in the near future.