Sad News About Apollo Chase

As if Apollo Chase had not gone been failed enough, on Thursday afternoon, we got a call from the boarding facility in Pleasanton, CA that Chase was no longer allowed to stay there. If you recall, he had been staying at that boarding facility for TWO whole months and the staff there had loved having him there. So what happened that got poor Chase kicked out of the boarding facility?

He had 2 incidents with 2 smaller dogs:

  1. A Frenchie got out of his own kennel and was running around with a bone in his mouth when Chase was out of his kennel. Chase wanted to grab the bone in the Frenchie’s mouth but instead accidentally scratched the Frenchie near the eye. The Frenchie suffered minor injuries and the kennel tech muttered something about it being the Frenchie’s owner’s fault.
  2. When the kennel tech was getting another, smaller, dog out of his kennel, she had forgotten to close Chase’s kennel door. Chase got the other dog by the tail. The kennel tech did not go into detail about what else led up to Chase going after the other dog.

These incidents were a big surprise to us because Chase had never been aggressive to other dogs and had never hurt other dogs. Even though the kennel tech admitted that these incidents were due to human error, Chase had to go because the other dogs’ owners were paying the facility thousands of dollars to board their dogs there. We also have paid them over a thousand dollar at this point to board Chase there, but we have rescue pricing (i.e. discounted pricing) while the other dogs’ owners are private pet owners who pay the regular price.

Fortunately, we had been talking to a professional dog trainer named Morgan at Alpine K9 near Modesto, CA about moving Chase there for their 4-week in-home board & train program once we had raised the $2300 needed to pay for the program. However, since Chase was now getting kicked out of the boarding facility in Pleasanton, we knew it was definitely time to place Chase at Alpine K9’s in-home board & train program. Not only can he decompress at this program since it is in-home (so it’s quieter vs the Pleasanton boarding facility is a loud kennel environment), he will also get some training, which he needs so he can learn structure and boundaries. Additionally, since Morgan the trainer has 5 other dogs in her home, Chase will also get the chance to socialize with other dogs under a professional trainer’s environment. Alpine K9 came recommended by the shelter volunteers of Stanislaus county shelter where Chase, and most of our dogs, come from. Thankfully, our amazing transport volunteer Robert C. was available to transport him 2 days later and would’ve been available to transport him the same day as the call that we got if they had not called us so late in the day.

Even though Chase is now at Alpine K9’s home, we currently do NOT have the funds for this in-home board & train program, which is costing us $2300, thus our financials is running at a negative now. Can you please consider donating for his board & train fees?

Update on Chase at Alpine K9’s board & train program:

Chase has been doing really well his first week at the program! The trainer, Morgan, said that he has not been reactive to other dogs at all even when one of them got in his face. There are currently 5 other dogs in this program with Chase. Chase is also learning to wait for his food. To follow Chase’s progress at board & train, follow Alpine K9’s Instagram account!