Roxy’s owner (at the time) was going to euthanize Roxy at our vet because he had run out of ideas on how to help her overcome her overexcitement and under-socialization toward other dogs and sounds. She had come from a backyard breeder who kept her in her crate 24×7 during the first 6

months of her life. 

When our vet called us to see if we could help, we were full but we posted about her anyway, in hope that a rescue with room would take her in or an individual would step up to foster her. Chris, a friend of one of our board members, stepped up to foster her. So…welcome Roxy and Chris to the BARK Family! We are working on socializing her with other dogs, people, cars and sounds. She is also available for adoption. Check out her profile below. Please share this profile to anyone who may be interested.