Pantos Sharkie

Pantos (though we still call him by his shelter name, Sharkie)’s story is a very touching one. He was dumped in a kill shelter in northern California back in December 2021. He came in a calm 75 lbs dog. However, in a little more than 3 months, the shelter’s LOUD and stressful environment (not to mention tiny kennels!) without a daily walk outside gave him “kennel stress” that made him completely crazy when he’s in his kennel. He always did amazing when he was out of his kennel on the yard, though. He also lost about 20 lbs at the shelter! This is what the shelter environment can do to a dog (and did to Sharkie!). As if that was not enough, the shelter put him on the euthanasia list due to overcapacity, even though all that he needed was OUT of the shelter and those loud and stressful kennel environments. As if all of that was NOT bad enough, when our foster went to see him as a shelter volunteer, not only was she not allowed to take him out onto the yard to see him in a more “fair” condition, a shelter staff also said things about Sharkie to try to talk her into backing out of fostering him. However if she backed out, Sharkie would’ve been euthanized as his time was up! Luckily, we were connected to someone named Cash, who was not affiliated with the shelter or our rescue group but is an experienced dog handler, who was willing to meet Sharkie and fairly assess his condition for us. After meeting Sharkie, he reassured us that Sharkie seems to be kennel crazy and would be great once out of the kennels.

Fortunately, our foster and her sister had become emotionally attached to him since December and despite his change in behavior, they were still willing to give him the loving home that he needed to decompress and saved him from euthanasia! 

Due to his “kennel stress”, we require a lot of supplies to ensure that we are setting him up for success, to ensure that he will be able to decompress and go back to his old calm self so that he can find a forever loving home. We will also be working with his fosters to get him back to his normal weight and ensure he gets all the nutrition he needs to become healthy again.

As a sneak peak into our Day 1 blog post, once out of the shelter, Sharkie turns out to be one of the sweetest and affectionate dogs that we all have ever met!