Malachi is a small lad at only 36 pounds, and was dumped out of a car window and abandoned, causing him to be extremely unsure of people. He takes time and patience to warm up, but once he does, he will be your close companion! He’s developed a bond with some of the shelter staff and enjoys running the yard then settling in their lap when he’s done. He’s participated in group play with other dogs and was able to settle in with the pack. He also LOVES running and is very fast!

Staff recommends that he stay in a harness and leash for the first few weeks – especially outdoors – in case he gets startled. Malachi is rescue preferred as he is still very fearful of humans and will growl and show teeth. Per shelter staff, he showed extreme fear aggression when he first arrived and has improved as he gains trust, but is still very wary of new people and terrified in his kennel.

If you have experience with medium to large dogs with “stranger danger” and barrier reactivity, you can help him!

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