London was found on the streets of Contra Costa County in Northern California with her brother. We rescued her and put her in our foster care after her brother had been rescued by a different rescue group. London has been so stressed out that she’s losing her hair all over her body! Within the first 5-6 days after we rescued her, she was not doing well at all. She would not eat or drink, lethargic and was having diarrhea. 

We took her to our vet partner who said that she was severely dehydrated and had to be hospitalized so they could give her IV fluids and keep an eye on her. She was hospitalized for 3 days. Additionally, her bloodwork showed signs of infections, one of which may be her teeth as her breathe was very stinky. Since infections tend to deplete glucose level, our vet partner also did a glucose level to ensure it was not too low. Glucose level that is too low could damage the brain. Fortunately, her glucose level, as well as her organs were all normal. Our veterinarian partner sent her home with a couple of antibiotics and a food enticer to help her gain the appetite to eat as her antibiotics need to be taken with food. 

Our vet bills for London in the 3 days that she was hospitalized have mounted to about $1,000. We are very grateful to have been approved for a grant that would cover part of her bills, but we need just a little bit more to cover the full amount. Additionally, after she has recovered from her infections, we will also need to treat her teeth as she may also have a dental disease. 

Her foster mom has been so very kind to be covering her food cost and other supplies so we can focus on fundraising for her medical expenses. Please consider donating to help us fully cover her medical expenses. BARK Rescue CA is run 100% by public donations and is completely volunteer-run. Thank you in advance!