Linus is 4-year-old neutered male chihuahua mix. We saved Linus from euthanasia at an overcrowded shelter in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was sooo terrified in his kennel at the shelter! We always expect any dog to remain shy, timid or scared the first 2 weeks they are put in foster care since it is a new environment for them. However, after 1.5 months being in foster care, Linus was still too scared to leave his safe spot (the couch) and too scared to eat in front of his foster parents, even though his foster parents had been so patient and loving to him. We knew that this was not normal and that it is time to consult with a behaviorist. However, consultation with a behaviorist requires a couple hundred dollars. We are hoping that the consultation would be sufficient in showing his foster parents what to do best to get him to open up. However, if that is not sufficient, we will need to put him through behavioral modification training to help build his confidence. More money would be required then.

We rely heavily on donation from the public in order to provide our dogs with quality care to get them ready for adoption. Can you please donate to help us cover his training cost so we can help him be less scared of the world around him?

If you’d like to adopt Linus, please read about our Adoption Process and fill out the application below.