Kush’s TRAUMATIC Pre-Shelter Past

After seeing that Kush has been living in the boarding facility for the past TWO months, one of Kush’s neighbors reached out to us and revealed Kush’s traumatic pre-shelter life that definitely shined some light into why Kush is the way he is now.

Kush was physically abused

Like most dogs, Kush used to bark in certain situations (i.e. a stranger walking by the house or when the door bell rang, etc). Just barking, which is what Kush was doing, is totally normal for a dog and does not mean that the dog is aggressive. What is not normal is that his previous owner would always hit him for barking. It is never ok to hit a dog.

Kush was neglected

Kush’s owner had a backyard, which is a dream for any dog. However, she never allowed Kush to roam into the backyard because she did not want to pick up his poop in the backyard, so Kush was often cooped up inside the house. Being a 75lbs dog, he needed the space and physical simulation that the backyard would’ve provided. Kush would sneak out of the house to walk himself, and sometimes while walking himself, he would visit the neighbor and play with her 2-year-old and 5-year-old kids. She said that Kush was always so kind to her kids.

The day he was surrendered to the overcrowded Stanislaus shelter…

Kush’s neighborhood was frequented by feisty street dogs. The Stanislaus shelter said that Kush was surrendered because he had attacked these street dogs and because he had bitten a person who got in between him and those street dogs them away from each other. What the shelter never disclosed (or may not even know) is that those street dogs had chased him and had bitten him first- so he attacked them back in self-defense. Also, it is NEVER a good idea to get in between dogs that are fighting with each other, even though that may be what we as humans intuitively do. However if you get in between a dog’s alteration with another dog, it’s no surprise that you will most likely get bitten.

Knowing about his pre-shelter life makes it clear now why he’s slow to trust people and other dogs now, especially smaller dogs. Although he can walk alongside other dogs his size or bigger, if anyone with a dog at home is interested in fostering/adopting him, they will still need to do slow proper introductions between him and their personal dog (i.e. crate & rotate or other separation methods for 2 weeks). NO CATS though!

As the physical abuse and neglect by his previous owner was not enough, he was surrendered to an overcrowded shelter that then scheduled him for euthanasia. As if that is not enough, he has now been living the cold hard floor of a boarding facility in Patterson, CA for TWO months, waiting for a new home (foster or adopter) to take him in and give him another chance to be loved and cared for. Although the boarding facility’s staff and volunteers love him, it is not where a 7-year-old dog like Kush should be spending his golden years. We have been posting about him all over social media but still have not received any application for him. Additionally, we still need to continue paying for his boarding fees, which as mentioned before, we do not have the funds for.

If you could please share his profile and/or donate toward his boarding-only fees, that would help us continue helping him. We cannot afford to pull any more dogs until both Kush (and Chase) are in a home.