Hades is a 4-year-old friendly Pitbull who weighs about 45 pounds. He was sadly dropped off by his previous family at the vet’s office to be put down in Hayward, CA. They claimed that, despite the discounts that the vet was giving them, they could no longer afford to take care of him. After being transported to a foster on the other side of the Bay Area, he’s been slowly bouncing back to life.

On the first night at his foster home, he was sad and crying, waiting for his family to come pick him up…He is such a sweet dog who deserves a second chance with a family who will never give up on him. If you would like to adopt Hades, please read our Adoption Process & Policies and visit our Adoption page for more info. If you’d like to sponsor Hades while he’s recovering, click the button below!