We saved Eros from euthanasia on 4/22/2022. He had been at the shelter since early January 2022. He is now in foster care with a wonderful foster dad who seems to have already fallen in love with him at first sight!  As he is such a big lover that loves the lady dogs (hence his name, Eros, which is the Greek God of love & affection), we are going to get him neutered as soon as our vet has an opening. The neuter will not stop him from loving the lady dogs, but it will prevent accidental litters that would add to the 70 million homeless/abandoned pets that exist in the US every year.  

According to his foster, although he prefers sleeping out of his crate, he does not mind being in his crate when his foster needs to run errands. He knows some basic commands like “sit” but can use more training on basic commands.

If you’re interested in adopting him, he will be available for adoption on May 20, 2022. In the meantime, please consider donating cash toward his neuter surgery & recovery or donate items toward his care. Eros will truly appreciate your help!