Dog Trainer/Behaviorist

BARK Rescue CA is a startup 501c3 foster-based animal rescue organization based in Fremont, CA. We do not have a facility to shelter the dogs so we rely 100% on foster parents. 

We are looking for a Dog Trainer/Behaviorist who is willing to volunteer their time to train some of our foster dogs that need behavioral training or even just basic training. 

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Must be located in the Bay Area
  • If the training is in person, you have to be Covid-19 vaccinated and boosted and wear a mask when needed. 
  • BARK Rescue CA’s core values: 
    • Passionate: Have passion in animal rescue/animal welfare
    • Open & Constructive: Able to share your opinions/questions/concerns in a way that builds up each other and the organization
    • Collaborative & Hands-On: See each other as partners, see other rescue organizations as partners not competition, communicative & can work well with others. 
    • Inclusive: Believe that all pets, regardless of gender and breeds, deserve an equal chance to be loved and cared for. 

If you are interested, please answer the following questions in an email to

  • Tell us about your dog training experience? 
  • How do you embody BARK Rescue CA’s core values? 
  • What is your weekly/monthly time commitment to BARK Rescue CA (ballpark)? 
  • Please give us a few availabilities within the next 1-2 weeks for a 45-minute conversation to learn more about you & to address any question you might have about the organization and/or the role.