Denver is a young (1-2 years old) male cattle dog that was abandoned by his owner on Easter Day 2023, dropped off at someone else’s property in Los Banos, CA. The property owner, by chance, was a friend of one of our fosters. They asked us if we could help find him a home; They really did not want to take him to the local shelter as it, just like other city and county shelters around the country, is overcrowded, and that would put Denver at risk for euthanasia. Three months later, we found a foster who was willing to step up and foster him. Per the checkup done by our vet partner, Denver is healthy. He is unneutered so we will need to neuter him.

Spaying/neutering the dogs that we have rescued is one of the things that we do before we put them up for adoption. We also bring their vaccines up to date, making sure that they have the following basic vaccines: Rabies, DHPP to prevent against the deadly parvo virus), and Bordetella (to prevent against the common kennel cough). We also give them monthly flea & tick prevention.

We cannot provide these dogs with those medical care without your donation, so please donate to help us neuter Denver! With the special rescue pricing that our vet partner offers us, the total cost of his neuter procedure would be in the $400-$500 range. Denver will need a vacation foster for 6 weeks from September 1 through mid October as his current foster will be out of town. If you’re in the Bay Area or Modesto area and would like to open up your home to Denver for that 6-week period, please fill out our Foster Application below.