We rescued Bella from the overcrowded Merced county shelter. She’s a 16-year-old mini poodle mix that is missing her left eye and has cataract on her right eye. In her pre-shelter life she had been severely neglected. Her fur was very matted and she had stickers all over her body, which made it painful for her to sit or lie down. Her foster parents diligently took off all the stickers from her body and took her to the groomer to shave her very matted fur. When we took her to our vet partner for a checkup and for concerns regarding her straining to pee and blood in her pee, the vet did a bunch of tests: bloodwork, a couple x-rays and pancreatitis test. We found that she has a hernia near her butt and bladder stones, which most likely caused her the blood in her pee and straining to pee. Normally, a surgery is required to remove the stone but regarding her end-of-life age, she might not have survived a surgery.

Her foster parents decided to adopt her and are going to non-surgical treatments for her bladder stones while keeping her as comfortable as possible. Despite the adoption, we still need help to cover her last $1200 of vet bills. We rely 100% on donation to provide care for the dogs that we saved. Can you please consider donating to help us pay off our debt to our vet partner for Bella’s care?