Apollo Chase

Apollo Chase is a 1.5-year-old Male German Shepherd, about 75lbs. He answers to “Chase”. Chase is such a sweet and incredibly high potential dog — true to his GSD breed, he has demonstrated that he is able to learn very quickly as long as someone is willing to teach him the way. 

His behavior, as noted by his fosters:

  • He is people-oriented (loves people)
  • He is an active dog-
  • Chase still has puppy energy and needs to learn boundaries.
  • Chase likes to nip and wrestle in his play style. He would do well with a bigger younger dog that also has similar play energy
  • He gets excited to see you if it’s been a while (e.g. one of us showered/brushed our teeth), and does try to jump. This is something that is trainable. He was able to jump over a standard 6ft fence but he does come back when he is called, so he is trained on recall (by the name “Chase”).
  • He does EXCELLENT in the car. Easily stepped in and out of my sedan car hammock, and was very calm throughout the car ride.
  • Typical GSD behavior, he is very interested in chasing squirrels
  • Does not prefer being in the crate. He will whine when he’s in there for a while, and will eventually settle down.
  • He likes chew toys, and tug-of-war
  • He is food motivated with his treats. He eats about 5 scoops of food throughout the day.

The kind of family that would best fit him:

  • An active family (walks at least 3x a day, hikes on weekends)
  • A confident leader who is willing to make the time to train him and give him consistent guidance. As mentioned above, he needs to learn boundaries as he still has puppy-like energy.
  • NO cats or other small pets.

For more details about Chase and our most recent foster’s experience with him (as well as her tips), check out Most Recent (Mabel’s) Notes on Chase’s Behavior/Temperament as of 4/30 .

If you would like to adopt him, please be familiarized with our Adoption Process & Fee and Apply!

Apollo Chase’s Backstory

We rescued Apollo Chase from a shelter in Modesto, CA on April 8, 2022. He would have been euthanized that week just because he had been at the shelter since December 2021 and the shelter was now at over-capacity. Apollo Chase (and yes, he answers to both names!) is a smart 2-year-old 75lbs German Shepherd. He is so playful and energetic. He also warms up to people easily and is good with other dogs. He can also jump very high as he was able to jump out of our foster’s 4-ft tall backyard fence. We think that may have been how he had escaped his previous owner’s house and became a stray before coming to the shelter.

When Apollo Chase was at the shelter, like other dogs at the shelter, he did not get daily walks outside. It also seemed like he was underfed, as we could see his ribs when we first took him out of the shelter, and was not groomed. He has gone through 2 foster homes, through no fault of his, after we rescued him from the shelter. Please read through the blog posts below to learn more about his journey in foster care and consider donating toward his foster care. Even though he has gone through more transition that we hoped for, he remains a happy, playful and energetic dog. If you think you can provide him a loving forever home in a few weeks, please follow his foster care journey to learn more about him and then apply for him when he becomes available for adoption in a few weeks! Also, please read about our adoption process here.