Alaska was found by a Good Samaritan on the streets of Fresno, CA. After posting on FB, they managed to find her owner who told them that he let her go and did not want her anymore.

When the Good Samaritan found her, her fur was very matted and her whole body was covered in fleas and ticks. The finders could only afford to take her the groomer for a trim but can’t brush off the dead bugs, dreadlocks and blood without hurting her (so she may need a surgical shave at the vet). Other than the 5-in-1 DHPP vaccine, she is not vaccinated and is not spayed.

She’s currently in Fresno. We’d love to bring her to the Bay Area and take care of her but, as always, we need a foster!! If you or anyone you know would like to foster this cutie, please click the button below to apply!