Abandoned Husky in Madera, CA

Last week we received an email from someone who has been feeding an abandoned female husky that has been wandering around their property. They managed to reach the dog’s owner who confirmed that they no longer want the dog. Also, this dog had just had her last litter of 7 puppies at the end of January 2023 (these puppies were being sold on Craiglist for $400/puppy). The founder of the dog can no longer keep her because their landlord does not allow dogs in the house, which is why the founder of the dog emailed us hoping that we can help. The nearby shelter is full and can no longer accept dogs. Like any other city/county shelter, nearby city & county shelters are overcrowded and are euthanizing dogs due to the overcrowding.

In order to keep this husky out of the shelter system and out of the streets, BARK Rescue CA is looking for either one of the followings: 

  • A foster in the Bay Area who can foster her under BARK Rescue CA. 
  • Another rescue who has a foster to foster her under that rescue organization. 

Please help share her profile below on NextDoor and/or dog-related Facebook groups (or any other channels you can think of)! OR if you know of anyone willing to foster her with BARK Rescue CA, please have them review our foster requirements and apply here. If you know of any other rescue organization that may be able to help, please forward her profile to them!