A THIRD Foster Family | Apollo Chase’s Week 3 in Foster Care

According to the animal behaviorist/trainer who handled Chase while he was at the boarding facility, Chase did not do well in their boarding facility. The living areas of this boarding facility consisted of kennels where it is loud with dogs barking, very much like the living area at the shelter where Chase had been living at for months before we rescued him in early April. It seems that Chase is more traumatized of such kennel environment than we thought. While Chase was in boarding facility after being abandoned by his second foster family, we found a temp foster, Mabel, who already has her own German Shepherd. After hearing about Chase’s experience at the boarding facility, we decided to place him with Mabel and her husband and their female German Shepherd while we were working on getting him either adopted or a new primary foster who would commit to taking care of him until he gets adopted.

As soon as I dropped him off at her place, she and her husband did a pack walk (a.k.a group walk) where they took a group walk with Chase and their own GSD with one of them holding Chase while the other holding their own GSD. This is part of a slow introduction that any one should do when introducing 2 dogs that don’t know each other but will have to live with each other.

See Mabel’s comprehensive notes and tips on Chase.

Also, we decided to reschedule his neuter surgery to the end of this week!

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