More Transition | Storm’s Week 1 in Foster Care

After 4 days with his temporary foster Jen’s house, Storm moved in with a longer-term foster. He has been through more transitions than we had hoped for in the past 4 weeks: from the foster to his original adopter, then to the temporary foster foster (due to the last-minute rehoming by his original adopter), then to the current, longer-term foster. All these transitions stressed him out! Within the first 24 hours, Storm broke out of the wire crate that had come with him from his original adopter, as well as the furniture crate that his current foster is providing. After 1 week with his current foster, he is less anxious but still pretty anxious. He also anxiously paces back and forth whenever he is in the crate. When he was at his temporary foster Jen’s house, he was allowed to sleep on the bed and on the couch, which made him very comfortable. It is safe to say that he prefers the couch and the bed to the crate!

From his transitions, we also learned that he warms up more easily and faster to females. He is not aggressive toward males, just more skittish toward males, so he would do best with a female adopter.

Storm has gone through too much in his short life, his next home needs to be a loving forever home. He will be available on May 2, 2022 so that he can be neutered and have about a week of recovery (hopefully no complications while in recovery!). In the meantime, please consider donating toward his neuter surgery or his foster care.

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