Escape Artist | Apollo Chase’s Week 1 in Foster Care

After having a conversation with Apollo’s original foster about the situation, Lusiana decided to permanently place Apollo with Tapas and his family. Not only do they have a big backyard where Apollo can run around in, they also followed our instructions to crate & rotate and were willing to do some training. 

By the end of Week 1 of Apollo Chase’s foster care journey, Tapas and his wife learned a lot about him:

  • He is potty-trained! He always goes to the same spot in the backyard to go potty.
  • He is very gentle with their kids, who are 7 years old and 11 years old
  • He is very gentle in taking treats from people.
  • He LOVES to play and run around
  • He can jump over their 4-feet side fence!! Luckily, as he recognizes his name and answers to both “Apollo” and “Chase”, when they saw him escape their backyard and on the street, they called him back and he ran back into the house. If you’re the one who will be adopting Apollo Chase, please make sure to keep your yard and house secured. If you have fences. make sure they’re more than 4 feet tall so Apollo cannot jump over them!

This week, Apollo Chase also got to go see the veterinarian for the first time since we rescued him. As the vet was fully booked for neuter surgery, we only did a general check-up and scheduled the neuter surgery for next week. Thankfully, Apollo’s general health check-up indicates that he is healthy!

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