Misunderstood But Now FREE! | Pantos’s Day 1 in Foster Care

My sister and I had met Pantos back in December 2021 in his kennel when he had just arrived at the shelter. He was calm in his kennel back then. We became emotionally attached to him as he reminded us a lot of a dog that we used to have. In March, when no one else stepped up to foster Pantos even though he was on that week’s euthanasia list, I decided to foster him through BARK Rescue CA. A few days before our scheduled pickup date, I went to the shelter as a volunteer and got to see him in his kennel in the isolation area. He was no longer the dog that we had met back in December! He had gotten a case of the “kennel crazy”, jumping off the walls of his kennel, barking, and nipping at the gate when I tried to pet him through his kennel bars. However, after further discussions with BARK Rescue CA and their volunteer experienced animal handler, I decided to still foster Pantos as I believed that he would be able to go back to his normal self once out of his kennels.

Picking up Pantos went much more smoothly than I had expected. After seeing Pantos being “kennel crazy” in his kennel in the isolation kennel area at the shelter a few days prior, we definitely did not expect Pantos to act they way he did during pickup: totally happy, affectionate and goofy!

Like the other dogs in the isolation kennel areas, for months Pantos got to be outside only once a week, and so before we could take him home, the shelter staff took him out on the yard first. He was so lovable out there, complete opposite of how he was at his kennel.

When we got home, he was excited about the box of treats and toys that BARK Rescue CA had prepared for us.

We had set him up with a big at-home crate that we used to use for our previous dog, as well as a comfy bed and his food & water bowls in his crate. Knowing about how “kennel crazy” he was at the shelter, at first I was pretty nervous about how he would feel about his at-home crate. However, he seemed to settle right in and even let me cuddle him!

We plan on giving him several days to decompress with minimal stimulation. He also seems to be really underweight, so we also plan on getting him back to his normal weight! He IS neutered already, but after a week or so of decompressing, we will work with BARK Rescue CA Foster Coordinator to take him to see BARK Rescue’s partner veterinary for a general health checkup.

Pantos is one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever met. My sister and I just could NOT see him euthanized after everything he had been through prior to the shelter and during his time at the shelter when he was condemned to the isolation kennels and deemed as one of the least adoptable dogs. We are excited to be able to care for him at our home and are looking forward to helping find his loving forever home (if it’s not us!).

Stay tuned to hear about how his Week 1 goes in our foster care!

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